Studio recording

I have a well-equipped home studio, where I created and recorded guitar parts for many different songs. I know with what care is necessary to prepare and deliver a professional recording.
If you want to help with the guitar parts on your board or recording, send me an email and we can clarify your expectations and collaborations.

More about my gear

I’m looking for studio musicians

Do you play bass, violoncellocelo, piano, drumms or sing and want remotely collaborate on my studio tracks?
Contact me, we will have fun together!


Guitar and musicality lessons

Everything I learned about musicality, I summarize in Real Musician’s Guide ©.

It is a practical guide for beginning and advanced musicians whose aim is to deeply
understand the most important fundamentals about music.
With this clear guide can musician quickly develop further on his own,
and proceed well in his music genre.

Music is about you, I share my best ideas to save thousand hours of searching on YouTube and books.
I do not use unnecessary names and coaching scales with bizarre names.

If you have any questions or want to arrange an individual lesson. Write me email please.

Real Musician Guide ©